About us


Founded in 2011, CSIRT Foundry (ABN: 59151819135) is a privately held company based in Melbourne, Australia.


Chris Horsley (@Parsify)

Chris has over six years of experience working in national CSIRTs, as well as five years experience as a software developer and sysadmin before that. He joined AusCERT in 2003, where he developed a strong interest in automation and visualisation, particularly for processing phishing sites and log files. The small but very active AusCERT analyst team did everything: tackling online financial fraud, building tools, talking on the phone to victims of compromise, interacting with the international security community, and providing security training courses.

After almost three years at AusCERT, he moved to Japan to work for JPCERT/CC, the Japanese national CSIRT. This lead to tasks as varied as phishing site monitoring system development, dashboard development, international training, malware analysis, and sensor network visualisations. After four years and a great amount of cultural broadening in Japan, he moved back to Australia to start CSIRT Foundry.

The common thread that emerged again and again was a desire to develop tools to improve processes. Rather than trying to adapt his job to suit software development, he thought it better to make software development his job.

Chris has presented at various international security conferences, and has given CSIRT training courses for several governments around the world. He also holds a CISSP (if you like that type of thing).

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